even I can go alone

Its the first time I go for a walk alone this far. Usually I went to some place with my sister. And today I didn’t tell my mom. Even I already twenty but get permission is important. But if I told her, she may not give me permission because she is worrisome mother. I understand very much about that, but I also wanted to know some place. All I need is just my mom’s trust.

Maybe because I’m not use to it so its really tiring for me. Some people may enjoy it though.

Today I went to GI alone from campus to attend “the Raid comic release” event which I could see the main character of that film. But unfortunately, I got neither the signed comic or the shirt, so I only could see the main character from a far (how sad of me *sob *sob).

Well, look at the bright side. At least I know what kind of place GI is. There are many foreigner (I also saw some Japanese hahaha…).

There are many Japanese restaurants in there (which I bet the price is sky high). There are two areas: east and west. Both of it are really big. Even Gramedia has two floor.

I went out around 7 p.m. And it already dark outside. Well, not too dark because of the light around the city. There Plaza Indonesia in front of GI and I just happen to know the life in the middle of city. There are some people in front PI with their own business. Some of it was chatting, some of it was eating. There are also some photographers who take a picture with Bunderan HI as the background.

Anyway, I’m really envy to those who have the signed book or the shirt or even both. If I knew the place from the very first, I may at least get the signed comic. I was late because of the lecture in my campus + traffic jam + get lost. I’m really regret that.

*cryin *crying


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