I hate group in class

I really hate when the teacher told us to make a group to make something. I really really hate it.

I have two reasons. The first reason is because I’m a passive person. I never asked first, but its not that I wanted to be asked. Its just… well, being an introvert person means not used to talking to others I think.

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Elkrone no Atorie OST

Finally I’ve gotten Elkrone no Atorie Original Soundtrack. I’m fan of Atorie series, and I like Iris no Atorie very much, especially Iris no Atorie 2. I also fan of Shimotsuki Haruka and I’m really happy that she’s back to sing Atorie series (the last one is Rorona no Atorie. Totori and Meruru weren’t sung by her). Shimotsuki Haruka sang 2 song: Hana ga saku machi de and Kimi to miru yume. There’s also Mitose Noriko sang one song in here: Lore Elkrone. Continue reading

Just Finished Takuma’s Route

I just finished Takuma’s route yesterday’s morning. And just when I thought I’ll continue to Atori’s route, I changed my mind. I decided to stop awhile, just until I finished my midterm exam.

But dunno, if I’ll continue or I’ll stop because I already satisfied with Takuma’s ending. Maybe I’ll continue to Soukoku no Kusabi~ Hiiro no Kakera 3 instead to continue on Takuma’s route again. Continue reading

Just Because It Has Anime Adaptation

Its the first time I played otoge. I’m not fond of it, and I only playing Hiiro no Kakera NDS version (its because I don’t have PSP). The reason I play it… maybe because Hiiro gets into anime adaptation. There the other otoge which got into anime adaptation, but I only like Hiiro. The reason is because its about youkai, well, close to it.

Anyway, I’ve never played so I just confuse when I play it, especially when it comes to the choice which influence the ending of whoever’s route it is. I chose Takuma’s first because I like him (his power to be exact). I already played it until chapter 3 day 2. I planned to play Atori’s route after Takuma’s. Continue reading