Just Because It Has Anime Adaptation

Its the first time I played otoge. I’m not fond of it, and I only playing Hiiro no Kakera NDS version (its because I don’t have PSP). The reason I play it… maybe because Hiiro gets into anime adaptation. There the other otoge which got into anime adaptation, but I only like Hiiro. The reason is because its about youkai, well, close to it.

Anyway, I’ve never played so I just confuse when I play it, especially when it comes to the choice which influence the ending of whoever’s route it is. I chose Takuma’s first because I like him (his power to be exact). I already played it until chapter 3 day 2. I planned to play Atori’s route after Takuma’s.

Because its midterm, I can’t really play it all the time and I have to study. Well, playing this is also study to me I guess because I’m a Japanese lit. student, even though I’m still first year, and there’s so much kanji I don’t understand in here ><

I’m not used to otoge, so when I heard that only the heroine who didn’t have voice actor (although she has in the anime), and when I hear the male’s voice, I burst to laugh. Its so funny to hear that from earphone. Its like whispering those words into my ears LOL.

I remembered that my sister doesn’t like Suguru. The reason is simple. She couldn’t progress the game because she’s stuck at Suguru’s part ハハハハ….

Well, anyway, I played it also because there’s battle in here, although I only can see that in the anime. And because I didn’t too like otoge, maybe I’ll stop playing it in the midway *grin

first encounter with Eins and Zwei

Takuma and Tamaki, first encouter with Eins and Zwei…


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