dinner outside

tonight, my family went outside to have dinner. Well, its not in the restaurant, but still its really a good place to eat. We ate dinner in the Pamulang. Well, its not that I ate dinner because I don’t feel eating, but instead I got a big portion of desert (not too big I guess)

Here is it. Pretty big portion to me

My sister and my mom were eating dim sum. One of the reason I don’t wanna eat because I don’t eat meat.

There’s her dim sum. She didn’t want to be posted in here. Well, it’s not that I want to be on her blog as well ^ ^

gochisousama deshita ^ ^

Too bad my brother didn’t come because he has taxation course at night and will come home around 10 p.m. He’s busy right now with his university, and me and my family only can support him by praying.



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