Elkrone no Atorie OST

Finally I’ve gotten Elkrone no Atorie Original Soundtrack. I’m fan of Atorie series, and I like Iris no Atorie very much, especially Iris no Atorie 2. I also fan of Shimotsuki Haruka and I’m really happy that she’s back to sing Atorie series (the last one is Rorona no Atorie. Totori and Meruru weren’t sung by her). Shimotsuki Haruka sang 2 song: Hana ga saku machi de and Kimi to miru yume. There’s also Mitose Noriko sang one song in here: Lore Elkrone.

I haven’t played it since it is an otoge. I didn’t too like to play otoge, because there’s no challenge (sorry to those who like it). Well, at least there’s alchemy in here.

Anyway, if there’s anyone who want it (Opening and Ending [maybe] song), I’ve uploaded it. Here’s the link:

Hana ga Saku Machi de

Kimi to Miru Yume

If there’s anyone who wanted all the OST, just tell me. I’ll upload it.


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