Another otoge anime

Another otome game adapted into anime. I usually didn’t too like otoge, but I think I like this. In fact, after I saw first one minute of the anime, I’m in love with this. Too bad I didn’t have PSP so I can’t play the game. This is the second otoge anime I watch after Hiiro no Kakera (I still can play it because it has DS version).

Summary: The story focused on Felicita, the daughter of the leader of Arcana Famiglia, a vigilante group which protect the Island of Regalo. When the whole family celebrated birthday of their leader, “Papa” Mondo, he declared an Arcana Duello which will be held two month later. The participants are the family members who possess the Arcana Power. He will make the winner the new “Papa” and grants the winner’s wish, plus will be married to his daughter, Felicita. Felicita herself didn’t want to be married, but she was forced to participate.

In the game version, (it seems) Felicita will make a relationship with one of the participants in two month of time before Arcana Duello starts. Her father had a reason for holding the duel, but he didn’t tell any of them, except his wife I think.

The things I didn’t too like in otoge is that the heroine must choose one of the man (sorry for the people who like it). Well, since it become anime, I think that Felicita will choose none of them because she said herself that she didn’t want to be married.

I also like the arts of Arcana Famiglia. When I saw some screenshot of the game version, otoge rashikunai!! It has much dark colour and manga rashii. I think that anime version didn’t really have dark colour…

anime version. This is one of the picture of the anime opening

game version. This is the picture of the drama CD capitolo 1


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