Just Finished Takuma’s Route

I just finished Takuma’s route yesterday’s morning. And just when I thought I’ll continue to Atori’s route, I changed my mind. I decided to stop awhile, just until I finished my midterm exam.

But dunno, if I’ll continue or I’ll stop because I already satisfied with Takuma’s ending. Maybe I’ll continue to Soukoku no Kusabi~ Hiiro no Kakera 3 instead to continue on Takuma’s route again. Continue reading


Just Because It Has Anime Adaptation

Its the first time I played otoge. I’m not fond of it, and I only playing Hiiro no Kakera NDS version (its because I don’t have PSP). The reason I play it… maybe because Hiiro gets into anime adaptation. There the other otoge which got into anime adaptation, but I only like Hiiro. The reason is because its about youkai, well, close to it.

Anyway, I’ve never played so I just confuse when I play it, especially when it comes to the choice which influence the ending of whoever’s route it is. I chose Takuma’s first because I like him (his power to be exact). I already played it until chapter 3 day 2. I planned to play Atori’s route after Takuma’s. Continue reading

even I can go alone

Its the first time I go for a walk alone this far. Usually I went to some place with my sister. And today I didn’t tell my mom. Even I already twenty but get permission is important. But if I told her, she may not give me permission because she is worrisome mother. I understand very much about that, but I also wanted to know some place. All I need is just my mom’s trust. Continue reading